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Key Glock – Yellow Tape 2 (Deluxe) [Free Album Stream + Review]

Paper Route Empire

Project highlight:

Samples, 808s, and flows. Trap life to music. Key Glock brings inspirational vibes on No Choice 'lets get it, run up them digits'. He slapped the 'Bill Gates' track around. Shout out to Buddah Bless. One of the many standout tracks he's produced. And in 'Dont Know Who to Trust', the title's self explanatory. Check it out below.


Standout Track: EVE

Two samples looped leave room for Glock to go off. You can hear this beat playing in a cipher with a drank and some smoke while we freestyle.

"I be pouring Jesus blood in my Styrofoam/ the doctor money running through my chromosome, I'm addicted to this shit man I cant leave it alone/".

Quotable Bar(s): NO RAP CAP

"10 watches still aint got time/ 99 bitches, not 1 on my mind"

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