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Nas - King's Disease III [Free Album Stream + Review]

Mass Appeal

Project highlight:

A well-thought-out, third of a series that many expected wouldn't hit as hard as it does.

Well, unfortunately trilogies usually fail by the third (i.e. Blade Trilogy).

When it comes to this album they were wrong wrong. He smacked the beats up fast, slow, double time, classic, with stories, with punches. They gave you everything.


Standout Track: Beef

Rewind was one of Nas' story telling classics cause he told the story backwards as the name suggests. In I gave you Power he raps as if hes a gun, amazing. In his latest track 'Beef' he raps as he's beef, and the problems surrounding it (jealousy, tension, and "drive-by's with kids killed accidentally" 1:55).

Quotable Bar(s): N95

"Political correctness/ hecklers are more respected than the ones giving the message// we cant say anything without offending/so my mouth is in a jailhouse with cases pending//"


'Til my Last Breath'

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