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DMX - Exodus [Free Album Stream + Review]

Def Jam

has passed away April 9, 2021. This post is in appreciation of his music. A critique of his most recent album. Rest in Peace.

Project highlight:

You gon' be rocking in a classic Swizzy bop throughout this album, as he produced the whole joint. On the leading track, you hear X embracing his age while smacking the beat around with a solid verse. Whether you're a real fan of DMX or not, you going to feel the Alicia Keys-featured 'Hold Me Down'. Beautiful track. If you've ever had anybody in your life, battling demons, like addiction & sickness, you're gonna feel that track. He's got a whole track with Gridelda (smack yourself if you don't know). Grown man talk throughout, especially in tracks like 'Walking in the rain', 'Letter to my son', & of course the prayer at the end in classic DMX fashion.


Standout Track: Letter to my son (Call your father)(featuring Usher, Brian King Joseph)

As a father, you always want your kids to see you in a positive light. It hits different when you fail in any way in front of them. Especially a son who may see you as a future version of themselves. This track serves as an apology to his son. No drums, just words directed at his kid.

Quotable Bar(s):

"imagine if we all let go/ turn your whole block into death row/" - bath salts

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