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Kendrick Lamar – Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers [Free Album Stream + Review]

TDE / PGLang

Project highlight:

Over-sensitive freedom of speech killers, finding piece, racism, & communication issues within relationships are among the topics KDOT addresses in this piece. These albums that 'scratch that itch' of sonically alternative hip hop are more than necessary, when cookie-cutter, often overbearing music are mostly what's being heard out of the cars passing by your house.


Standout Track: We Cry Together

Go to any comment section where this song is playing and you can see the amount of fans that relate to this song. TOXIC RELATIONSHIPS. The song is an argument between a couple where they verbally attack each other instead of discussing the particular issue with the intention to fix it. Taylor Paige plays the role of the woman in the relationship. You can hear her crying while verbally shooting back at Kendrick Lamar with toxic lines such as "little d*** ass n*** that's trying to go big..". You can picture them in the living room of an apartment having this back-and-forth.

Quotable Bar(s): N95

"What the fuck is cancel culture, dog/ Say what I want about you n***s, im like oprah, dog/"

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