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Nas - King's Disease II [Free Album Stream + Review]

Mass Appeal

Project highlight:

We're getting an energetic Nas like in the first 'Kings Disease' Album. Listen to '40 Side' while you in the whip and you might drive a little faster, with the music a little louder. Never thought you would hear Nas over some 808s but cant complain when he's flowing effortlessly over that style as well. The story telling in 'Death Row East' is classic Nas. He even went bar-for-bar with Slim Shady on EPMD (with a cameo from EPMD - I mean the song IS about them). Listen to the whole album top-to-bottom.


Standout Track: Rare

Something about minimalistic beats that creates a certain bounce.. a certain bop. Hit boy switches up the beat 3 times + Nas switches up his flow while keeping the energy throughout. "..You gotta call up a chopper to reach me.." Nas is comfortable over Hit boy production.

Quotable Bar(s):

might walk through a cemetary to see where hip hop is buried/i said it was dead, but it faked its death like makiaveli/ - EPMD 2

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