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Krizz Kaliko - Eternal Album Review

Strange Music

Project highlight: Eternal

This album is so live, its alive. Dude sounds like nobody lyrically and style wise.

And as expected, Krizz Kaliko's flexing with charismatic bars, funny lines and slick multi-syllable rhymes. Ad-libs sounding Crunk never died. Switching flows in the middle of every track, reminds you of Kendrick. Makes you make that face: the one you make when something stankin.

Standout Track: Avoiding Mirrors

The topics focuses on self-identity. Specifically about being a big dude. In-part, he's sounding like he'll f*** you up, in his own defense. On the other hand, he's confident despite his weight, on some biggie s***. Dude knows how to take a serious topic and put it on a beat DaBaby would choose.

Quotable Bar:

Say this fast: "fat boy lit, talk shit, i don't politic, eat your food swallow it"... OR "a fat boy but i swing dick like a skinny dude"

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