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Knxwledge - 1988 [Free Album Stream + Review]


Project highlight:

If you spit some wack s#!+ over these beats you deserve to be stomped by the stampede from Jumanji.

Max B was sampled to talk in between tracks, like if he's narrating Knxwledge's thoughts. The Bravado blended well with the refreshingly laid-back instrumentals.

Track 6 'Learn' makes you wanna freestyle but on some Andre 3000, Freddie Gibbs, Rick Ross, Conway the Machine type s#!+.

The drums were hard but not overwhelming & the quick transitions keep the attention of you short-attention-span-having....

Basically, they need a radio station on the next GTA that only plays Knxwledge's beats.


Standout Track: Gangsta All the Time

I can see an artist follow the sample and talk about how gangsta he or she is but the more elite artist would tell a story with this one.

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