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Kanye West - Jesus is King (Album Review)

Newest Project....Gospel?!?

Project highlight: Jesus is King

Last year Kanye was suppose to release his long awaited, 'Yandhi'. While waiting for Yandhi he instead produces 7 track project for Nas, Teyana Taylor, Pusha and even a collaboration project with Kid Cudi (Kids See Ghosts).

He left us waiting on Yandhi and instead gave us a whole gospel rap album. Think Jesus Walks, as a whole album. Its more than that to some but listen for yourself.

Standout Track: Follow God

Classic sample-based, no filler, no shake Kanye West music. Can't wait rappers get their hands on this beat.

Different flow than what we're used to from Ye. Non-stop rhymes with no clear distinction or separation from hooks to verses, on purpose. It's refreshing.

Quotable Bar:

Try to live your life right//

People really know you, push ya buttons like a typewrite//

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