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Jim Jones & Harry Fraud - The Fraud Department [Free Album Stream + Review]

The Fraud Department | EMPIRE

Lets be 1000% real, Jim Jones wasn't the top the lyricist in DipSet (The Diplomats). In fact, we didn't expect him to be. We accepted that he was a dope member of the group. His ability to create the vibe that helped the world become addicted to his group and later his ability to make hit after hit is what made the people fans of Jim Jones in the first place.

That all changed in recent years in a particular way. The lyrics improved dramatically. Listen to Diplomatic Immunity, Track 4, Ground Zero. Compare that to his lyrics on almost any track he's done in recent times and you'll how he's improved.

Project highlight:

Jones' bars with Frauds beats fit each other flawlessly. Its a mix between Fraud's ability to adapt to Jones' and Jones' ability to flow on practically any beat. Jones' punches were hitting harder on this project. Almost like he has something to prove. More social topics, more punchlines, features like Big Body Bes (lol), Maino, and FRENCH MONTANA!?! (if you know, you know). They're definitely on the same wavelength on this one (no pun intended).


Standout Track: Lose Lose

"The way i been tackling shit, they shoulda put pads on me" I've never heard Jones' go off like this, back to back to back bars. Just tap in & listen.

Honorable mention: Fucked Up

I just wanna sing the hook: "Bitch you got me fucked up....lil bitch, you got me fucked up"

Quotable Bar(s):

"he said he the plug, i said there's no plug without the socket" - Barry White

"fed's will snatch while you sleeping, charge you for dreaming" - Barry White

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