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J. Cole - The Off-Season [Free Album Stream + Review]

Dreamville | Roc Nation

Jermaine ain't one of those artists that lacks content -- just rapping to be rapping. He dropped more bars on this project than on the LA LEAKERS freestyle. Beats! The variety of beat styles was refreshing. The tracks with 808s were still soulful, still keeping it Cole. Enjoy. This is one of those....

Project highlight:

Killa Cam talking that shit on the intro while Cole goes in from the jump. Rest of the album is all Cole, with one feature verse from 21 Savage and some hooks from Bas and 6lack (i said 6 lack in my head again - my bad lol).


Standout Track: the.climb.back

If this one doesn't pull ya heart strings, you have no soul. Pushing through even though times may be tough; being on your grind when everything in life seems negative. Seeing the death of a friend, family falling apart, money issues are all things that can mentally f** you up. This track is some motivating s***.

Honorable mention: close

This track has survivors guilt/success guilt written all over it. Where you see how far you are from where you came from, while comparing it to where your peers could be but aren't. Cole describes a friend stuck in the street life in every aspect. From having to carry a gun to using drugs to cope, not seeing a way out. His friend ultimately gets killed and this is a reflection of that experience.

Quotable Bar(s):

"envy keeps your pockets empty so just focus on you// if you broke and clownin a millionare then joke is on you//" - applying.pressure

"i be staying out the way but if the beef do come around// could put a M right on your head, you luigi's brother now//" - 95.south

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