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Benny The Butcher - Burden of Proof [Free Album Stream + Review]

Griselda Records / EMPIRE

Project highlight:

The beat switch in the intro track 'Burden of Proof' immediately changed my face before Benny said a word. This Hit-Boy produced album brought a whole new energy to the gritty vibe The Butcher already brings. Every track bumps and flows perfectly to the next, with a few tracks ending in skits that seem like clips from cult classics.

Benny's going bar for bar with a lot of the game's favorites, from the likes of Big Sean, Weezy, Freddie Gibbs and them some. Play it top to bottom and it'll change your energy on your way to your 9-5 or on your way to the block.

Standout Track: No Cosignment

In 'New Streets' Benny's gliding over the beat, spitting with the same comfortability as HOV on 'Anything'. In it he's breaking down the realities of street life, with lines like "..but I think its time i finally address this publicly/ its rubbing me the wrong way when these rappers speak comfortably/ bout streetlife, it seem like they only giving ya'll luxuries" And other lines like "you know this game comes with way more consecuences than jail"

Quotable Bar(s):

"I curve a bougie bitch but I'll put a project bitch in a mink" - 'Famous'

"...killas waitin', plastic on the floors like you renovatin'" - 'Burden of Proof' (title track)

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