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Loaded Lux VS Geechi Gotti | Round by Round Analysis

Watch Battle Below

Round by Round Analysis

Round 1: Loaded Lux

Geechi Gotti: Came in strong with punches every bar as usual. He even threatened somebody on stage as usual. 😂 "she gon watch me kill lux so ho tell me where the money at" (luxor)(hotel)." Then he addressed Lux's style. "n*** you always using big words we dont understand, im not impressed/ only BIG words you need to be concerned with is 'who shot ya' and life after death'."

Loaded Lux: After engaging the crowd, Lux also came in strong. "another handicap match - no wrench/ Just a nut job with his screws loose, but im back to that ol' fix"

And more bars addressing the caliber of his opponent and whether he deserves to go against him.

"loaded lux is geechie gotti opponent? wtf is in that cali weed and how high you get smoking it" "you know its crickets when a young grasshopper get loud like he big fly, why? cause thats how bugged out loc is (locust)"


Round 2: (Debatable)

Geechi Gotti: this round Geechi cleverly took shots at Lux's alleged past. A character breakdown. Fire.

"i know a dope fiend when i see one, you know the loc a felon/ state to state trafficking that white, baby i had that coco melon"

Loaded Lux: As expected, Loaded's attempt to son Geechi in the battle world was an obvious approach but that didn't stop the punches from hitting the way they're supposed to. "we talking lyrically here though, you Justin Combs/ you get Puff'd up and toned but little did he know (little Diddy knows)"


Round 3: Lux (Debatable if you count chokes) Geechi reached a couple times. Lux's punches hit harder this round.

Geechi: "is we beefin or what, im just trying to figure this out/ cause if we dont get along, john, silver coming out" (long john silver's)" Geechi's bars had less punches and more declaration of who's the new face and defender of the battle industry. With bars where he made sure it was known who's bringing that gangsta to the battle world, he's making it clear. "i should be charging security fees, make em pay me with back pay/ b***s like NuNu saying its a safe place/ yea b*** cause I made it that way"

Loaded Lux: "your man came to watch you do something, it aint win, what, make rent?/ you in the house with lux and my driveway too much for you to not get whipped in front of homes, you know what this road i paved meant (pavement)"

The whole part of the verse with hair related flips was genius. That's how a master of his craft finishes a battle.

Watch Battle Below


Post-Fight Analysis:

2-1 (debatable): W goes to Loaded Lux

We're looking at two of the bests at their respective styles. Loaded gives triple entendres, multiple punches per line. The style that Loaded brings- a Daylyt, Disaster, Hollow Da Don fan prefers. While Geechi hits you with punches every bar like K-Shine, and Tay Roc. That's exactly what they each did this battle. If you've been watching battles you didn't need either explanation.

BUT the style you prefer is how you'll choose the winner!

Instant Classic.


We appreciate the love.

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