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Reed Dollaz VS Ill Will | Round by Round Analysis

Watch Battle Below

Round by Round Analysis

Round 1: (Debatable)

Reed Dollaz: Punchline after punchline. Reed clearly adjusted to what the fans want. Up to date punches too: "and now we tryin'a find your daughter birthday party like Kanye". Arguably his most creative round yet! No lie. "I started off as a wolf, we was chasing the goats".

Ill Will: Started the round freestyling off the top. Bars that included Reeds shirt design and the rapper Lil Flip (who was beside ARP) hyping up the room. He was on his creative flow with rhymes like, "I could get 5 stars if i pen a gram (pentagram)" and "Dr. Umar, Reed Dollaz, two Philly cats lying about taking ni**** to school".


Round 2: (Debatable)

Reed Dollaz: "everywhere I go I'm solid, alotta metal gear". When homie in the blue hat said "o you rapping different today" he wasn't lying. Reed made sure that there was a punch in every-other bar, making sure his 2nd round continued the heat of first!

Ill Will: "chop her (chopper) over the shoulder like a masseuse". By now Ill picked up steam. He's throwing heat rocks after heat rocks at Reed. Not one bar was a reach. Examples: "Boy i'll fold your clothes while you still in em" and "So if I'm the verge you'll (virgil) die, from my design". His first round was warm, this one was lava!


Round 3: Ill Will(Reed Choked)

Reed Dollaz: This round for reed was a movie until he choked. "My block move by itself, like a ouija (pronounces wiji)". His theme these past couple of battles was reiterated in this round. That he too is one of the pioneers of dvd-era battle rap. "Before the tube, i made it cool to say you went viral"

Ill Will: Once again before going into his written, Ill worked the room freestyling off-top. After hyping up the crowd, he went right into his verse. He said "Fantasia, why would i worry about a read (reed), when i could let it sing when i see you" Then he continued with a bar attack at reed that made this much easier to decide who won the round.

Watch Battle Below


Post-Fight Analysis:

2-1 (debatable): W goes to Ill Will

Both went hard as if they had something to prove. Reed really impressed. He clearly improved with the creativity of his punches, especially in the first 2 rounds. He seemed comfortable and up to date but still himself. If Reed hadn't choked in the 3rd round, this battle would've been a lot harder to decide. They both were extremely creative but Ill Will comfortably jumped in and out freestyling and writtens, never stopped impressing the crowd. For that we give it ill will.


We appreciate the love.

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