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Tsu Surf - MSYKM [Free Album Stream + Review]

Raw Bunch | Foundation Media

Project highlight:

Expect battle rappers to have sh***y albums. Psych, at least not this one.

From beginning to end this mixtape feels more like an album.

#grownmantalk & #reallife vibes is what you get from this project. In tracks like, "Nana Crib" he describes sacrifices one makes to survive the street life.


Standout Track: Soul

Anybody that has dealt with the streets knows that its business first & trusting anyone too much can cost you eventually. In this track Surf discusses his trust issues. "Ask me was I scared to die I ain't really sure yet// Uber eat the beef - we gotta speak - we at his doorstep/".

Quotable Bar(s):

"you don't fuck with nothing messy, taking of pictures of my ice, you wayne gretsky?" - No Disrespect

"No time for breakfast, we trappin, took the toast wit us" - Cold Winters

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