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Phife Dawg Forever [Free Album Stream + Review]

Smokin' Needles Records

Project highlight:

First things first RIP Phife Dawg of the legendary A Tribe Called Quest. This album is special because it allows you to listen to what someone, who isn't here to speak for themselves, has felt. Dope songs about abusive relationships like 'Only a Coward' display the versatility in his content. The album even has a dedication to the late, great J-Dilla. Hard beats, Rhymes and dope melodies on this one. Check it out.


Standout Track: Nutshell Pt. 2

Phife, Busta Bus and Redman go back-to-back describing themselves and their greatness with clever wordplay like we know them to do. That bassline keeps a groove going for the MC's to get busy throughout the track.

Quotable Bar(s):

"baby momma ain't no betta, just hoping things would pan out/ but you frontin' like you diddy, of course they got their hand out/"

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