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Noxx VS Kappa Gamma | One-Round Exhibition

Watch Battle Below

One Round Exhibition Breakdown

Out the gate, Noxx played up the "good suburban kid" lane, the quickly switched it up a couple bars in, with punches like "..treat the strap like a best friend, got a shoulder to lean on" @ 1:47. Dope concept.

Standout Bar - "..then I give Kap a lot, like im always lyin'" @ 4:03


Kappa took advantage of the clear distinctions between himself and his opponent. Hitting him with a barrage of punches that stole the crowd that Noxx earned the respect of.

Standout Bar "Beat down and blasted, buried alive//you could hear Noxx (knocks) on the casket, the kid wanna survive" @ 5:34

The kidney shot @8:43 demonstrated his ability to perform out-side of his ability to out-bar an opponent. Just watch the battle below lol


Post-Fight Analysis:

Who won?

Noxx's clever word play impressed the crowd from the jump but he would've made more of an impact with a more polished delivery and playing up the clear 'David & Goliath' underlying theme.

On the other hand, Kappa Gamma was relentless with his approach of that very theme. His bars were more complex and had an overall better performance.

With that said, this battle is a clear win for:


We appreciate the love.

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