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Lloyd Banks - The Course of the Inevitable [Free Album Stream + Review]

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Money By Any Means

Project highlight:

Banks comes in aggressive. No talking, just beats + rhymes. I don't care what no one says, Banks has something to prove. Not that he can rhyme (cause we all know that), but that he can keep up with the new era, for those that don't already know. Looks like Banks took some of his favorites & sprinkled them in like the cakes' ready. Beats: repetitive eerie samples that would make Havoc proud. Head nod sh**.


Standout Track: Break Me Down

Haters & Doubters. All about adversity.

"Mf you want me locked up cut up shot up/ came to fruition, got popped up, knocked down, got up"

Quotable Bar(s):

"90 percent of my songs doley, I'm bar heavy/

I brought them bitches outta the dark, I'm R Kelly/" - Food

"Money don't make the man but you better learn how to make you some/ envy a hide behind compliments, so watch who you take 'em from/ long story shorter, life's a bitch, you better make her cum/" - Death by Design

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