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K-Shine VS Rum Nitty | Round by Round Analysis


Watch Battle Below

Round by Round Analysis

Round 1: K-Shine/Rum Nitty (Debatable)

Rum came through heavy on the multiples and punches. While, Shine's animated delivery and non stop haymakers kept the crowd hype. The winner of depends on your personal taste.

Rum Nitty - "yea bitch i had a job before, its true// but I'ma end all that Walmart shit, once I get my Target in the groove" @ 4:43

K-Shine - "this shit gon' put rum down, like remain sober//but this gon' throw rum up, like a hangover"


Round 2: K-Shine/Rum Nitty (Debatable)

The level of punches in this round is what makes them top tier.

Rum Nitty "you really think your dog ready?// machete, from the dark side, skin shine, like keyshia off belly" 19:30

K-Shine - "got a buzz off a lightyear and still keep a lazer on the arm// that was a toy story, i get 2 in for nitty and beyond (to infinity and beyond)"


Round 3: Shine (Rum Choked)

Both got busy. It might've been a clearer win for Nitty in this round if he hadn't choked @ 39:16

Rum Nitty - "you gotta pay attention to detail when Im spittin or else you wont get it// i keep it basic, like I gun butt your temple (tempo) til K dence (cadence), well now you catching the rythm/"

K-Shine - "see we was michael jordan, its either we get paid or we off//but yall was player 89 cause your name aint reach the game til 2k got involved"


Post-Fight Analysis:

2-1 (debatable): Who won? K-Shine? or a Tie?

If you count Rum's choke in the 3rd round, you gotta give it to K-Shine. If that doesn't sway your opinion, then it's a TIE and we NEED A REMATCH!

There's two things unmatched with these 2 MC's: K-Shines delivery & Rum Nitty's creativity with the bars.

Shine - "cause what im on, at least 'a (mona lisa) get a ni&&a brushed off with the stick,... ya'll aint see me paint the picture"

Nitty - "I wrap the 40 up// pulled this in spite of your fears, arachnophobia//shot a X (Malcolm X) ni&&a, we at the podium//then dropped the bear, it'll be a pandemonium (panda)"


We appreciate the love.

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