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Jay Electronica - A Written Testimony Album Review

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Project highlight:

Classic poetry over soul tracks....on steroids, from this long awaited release. Lets be real, we thought this was going to be another 'Detox' situation. Now that we got that out of the way, let's get into it. Both Hov and Jay Elec' bring unique flows and bars as expected. That's right, the project of 10 tracks has 6 Jay Z features. They should've called this a collab project ala 'Watch the Throne.' Jay Electronica keeps up the conversational wordplay that his core already knows him for. Pay attention though. Tracks like 'Fruit of the Spirit' will have you replaying to catch every dart. NO ONE expected a Jay Electronica Project at all, let alone for the debut to be with Jay Z but I can appreciate how a HOV-feature-heavy project brings a lot of attention toward Jay Elec.

Standout Track: A.p.i.d.t.a

The way thoughts are spilled on this track is very relatable to anyone who's lost a mother, and kept something of theirs for the memory. Understandably, this is the most vulnerable, emotional we've heard Jay Elec. Even the hook hits hard: Jay Z "i got numbers in phone that'll never ring again, cause Allah done called them home, so until we sing again..."

Quotable Bar:

"I fiery, cry tears into my diary. Sometime a zany bar can't help you fight back the anxiety."

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