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Grafh - Good Energy

Team Bang Dope Gang

Project highlight:

This is that tilt-your-seat-back-make-sure-the-bass'-at-the-right-level-while-riding-around music.

The album starts slow, breaking down a relationship. Definitely picks up from there, with more witty, street music, we'd come to expect from Grafh. The tempo sits somewhere between a typical Conway track and most of Smoke DZA's music (who's featured on track 8 - Trappin’ Out the Hyatt). Makes you ride around with some lit, sitting between your fingers.

Standout Track: No Cosignment

The flow is immaculate throughout the whole track. THea beat has a Alchemist-era head-nodding knock to it. Shock-bars like "I brought crack-rock to my kids school for career day" will screw your face up.

Quotable Bar(s):

"Ima smooth operator, my fendi jacket is rabbit and my shoes alligator" - No Consignment

"Bring you back down to earth, I put you back where you started like the home screen"- No Issue

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