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Geechi Gotti VS Snake Eyez | Round by Round Analysis

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Round by Round Analysis

Round 1: Geechie Gotti

Snake and Geechie both came out punching.

Snake was talking to him, and jabbing from the start but Geechie punches were hitting harder and way more often.

Snake Eyez - " only plan was to smut her, i told that bitch while im getting top, Kendrick Lamar album, damn the cover" @ 4:43

Geechie Gotti - "..nuts on her head, tell her its a ball cap" @ 7:38


Round 2: Geechie Gotti

You can tell there was a west coast bias clearly in this round. it didnt help that snake eyez barely had any punches and was relying on questioning Geechie's street cred.

Snake Eyez - " you drake samplin' song cry, stop taking from the 'blueprint'" @ 16:55

Geechie Gotti - "the type to rep til he in (reptilian) the spot with crips then all of a sudden get rattled, im cold bra (cobra)" @ 20:55


Round 3: Geechie Gotti/ Snake Eyez (debatable)

Geechie talkin' to him, but choked a few bars in. If he hadn't saved it, it would've went to Eyez, making this a clearer 2-1.

Snake Eyez - "a harlem nigga over here shitting all over your lawn, and you aint gon do shit about this snake in your grass" @ 28:02

Geechie Gotti - "my enemies gotta ask they patnas if they feel like being worn that day" @ 37:55


Post-Fight Analysis:

Outside of the clear crowd bias, there's a difference in how Geechie's bars hit vs Snake Eyez. Snake's delivery in this battle doesn't make it easy to take in his bars.

Geechie on the other hand, like Twork and many others, has mastered his delivery so well, where even the iight bars hit.

Who Won?: Geechie Gotti

3-0 (2-1 debatable): Geechie choked on 3rd round, making Snakes verse seem fuller than it was.

GEECHIE HIGHLIGHT (ROUND 2): "...I'm dumpin' the larkin'/ We gon' turn you to a paraplegic when I'm done with the sparkin'/ Just sayin', I'll turn Christopher Keys, into Christopher Reeves, THE MOMENT I CATCH CHRISTOPHER WALKING"


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