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Drake - Dark Lane Demo Tapes (Review)


Project highlight:

After Joe Budden retired, Drake became the creator of mood music. I know, i know, weird thing to say, but think about it.

Poetic ways to describe anything from thoughts, important times in life, and then some: That's how Drake's writing on this one.

The self-described demo tape was art. Example: He could've used Chris Breezy in the typical way: on the hook, or a quick verse. Instead, Brown added background vocals throughout their track, that gave it a perfect highlight to an otherwise relaxed vibe. HE TOOK OVER THE SUMMER WITHOUT ANYBODY LEAVING THE HOUSE lol

Standout Track: When to say when

"How you plan to make it to the top by just fittin' it." If you in a reflective mood, that should motivate you to remain genuine. If it doesn't, call me. I'll give you the number to a good therapist. hate to anyone getting help, though.

Quotable Bar(s):

"back when Jill Scott was the apple of my afro-centric." Drake - (Deep Pockets)

"when i visit my last places, the only time i'm in last place" - (Losses)

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