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DaBaby - Kirk (Album Review)

2nd Studio Album

Project highlight: Kirk

Type 'DaBaby Type Beat' on Youtube. You'll understand why even by just beat selection this man stands out.

From track one, he's giving you authenticity and a look into his world. The intro's a laid-back vibe brings you right into family life, then transitions you right into upbeat, fat 808 bassdrums that you find in 'Off the Rip'. Keeping that same wave throughout, there's no way you wont be moving off the tracks on this project. TO KEEP IT A BUCK: DaBaby doesn't hit you with back-to-back bars. Instead he'll hit you with braggadocios lines with some punches slipped in...all before a catchy hook get's stuck in your head. And we are not complaining.

Standout Track: Gospel

DaBaby knew his verse had to be on point. I mean the track had YK Osiris and verses from Gucci Mane and Chance the Rapper. With competition in the room and no room to slack, DaBaby spit his bars faster than usual with a whole different flow, making sure he doesn't get overshadowed on his own track.

Quotable Bar:

"You know how I got up out the mud, turned it to gravy n*&&@"

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