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Cassidy VS Hitman Holla

Rare Breed Ent

Watch Battle Below

Round by Round Analysis

Round 1: Cassidy/Hitman Holla (Debatable)

Hitman went straight to it like Tyson in every fight. Set the tone even though he started with exactly what we expected by an opponent of Cassidy's: talking about what Cass was vs what he is now. CASS GOT THE CROWD ON HIS SIDE quickly. All because he switched up his delivery, adapting to the talking style of today's battles. That made it easier for the crowd to digest the non-stop punches he threw at the St. Louis Hitman.

Cassidy - "bitch you rather shoot it out, or rather box?/ if its a confrontation, get hit with a combination like a master lock/" @ 14:35

Hitman Holla - you really think you fucking with Hitman, you sure Cass?/

Dizz, Goodz, Ars, the fuck you gon' weather the storm, I'm just judgin' on your last four Cass (forecast)/ @ 7:25


Round 2: (Debatable)

Hitman took too long to hit with the harder punches fans are used to. A couple punches went over their head then he snapped in the second half, winning the crowd back. Outside of the jokes, Cassidy seemed to have lost a crowd that's not used to seeing him "talk to em". He also started to win them over on the second half of this round. Hitman had harder punches in this round, so he takes the W.

Cassidy "my car be cuttin' off when I'm sittin' at the light/ so I'm tired of all the bars about my car collision n***s write/ my dickhead might have a head-on collision with your wife/ i might tap from the back like a submission in a fight" @ 41:50

Hitman Holla - "top battle rappers today, and you close to last/ no drive behind that will (wheel), you was supposed to crash/" @29:25


Round 3: Hitman

Hitman started good but ended bad. The gimmicks with his bro & bringin out Nick Cannon helped him for the moment but he couldnt sustain that energy. Cassidy had that same problem, even though he didnt have any gimmicks. Hitman Kept the crowd on his side more than Cass did and his punches were more intricate.

Cassidy - "im the wrong dude to challenge/ why would a hitman holla, they move in silence, im used to violence/" @57:13

Hitman - "i got great aim, i always hit my target so you better duck and scram/ 2 'ninas' & to whoever think a 9 a miss (anonymous), don't know who the fuck I am/" @47:12


Post-Fight Analysis:

2-1 (debatable): Hitman Holla

The first 2 rounds were debatable but the last was clearly Hitman's. Cass reached too much in the third before a haymaker ('hitman move in silence' line). We'll keep it real, Hitman loses points for gimmicks because we expect them from him. Both: remixing his verse's and his brother's adlibs, are mostly still appreciated only by his fans but the Nick Cannon cameo was dope. Overall good battle. Impressive performance for Cassidy & Hitman brought what we come to expect from him.

We appreciate the love.

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