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38 Spesh - 1995 [Free Album Stream + Review]


Project highlight:

'im rapping over all that classic shit that I grew up to, nahm saying'.

This project sounds like all your favorite instrumentals to freestyle on, while you're drunk/high with your people on a random Saturday. 38's choice of beats (all from tracks released in 1995) with scratches courtesy of Green Lantern brings us those Golden-Era-mixtape-vibes.

--'fuck the hook, just rap' type mixtape s#!+.



Standout Track: Roundtable

Different POV on addressing "haters". Not only did he bar them to death, he ended it with "and the drum that's attached to my gun, look like a alternator"

Quotable Bar(s):

"You wanna hang lil nigga but your rope too short" - 2 Forks

"Im a expensive time teller, 40 thousand dollar grandfather clock made from howard miller" - Past Tense

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