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Terms and Conditions
Last modified: March 13th, 2018

Terms and Conditions
By visiting you agree to following terms and conditions as well our Privacy
Policy. If you do not agree with these policies do not continue to visit


Purpose is a website whose purpose is to entertain and for general information only.
The purpose of the website may change without notice.


For Privacy information, please visit our Privacy Policy to understand our practices and policy in
relation to privacy and information collected.


Intended Audience is intended for those over the age of 13. Keep in mind that some content may
be labelled as intended for those over the age of 18. If you are younger than 18, you must exit
when you are presented with content labeled for those that are over 18.


Copyright notice
All content on, including text, logos, graphics, icons, images, audio, video,
software, and data is property of Kick a Rhyme, LLC or its content suppliers and are protected by
the United States copyright laws as well as international copyright laws. The collection of
content on the site is exclusively the property of Kick a Rhyme, LLC and it is protected by the United
States copyright laws and international copyright laws.


Intellectual Property complaints
If you believe that any work you own and or have created has been copied and or submitted
without your permission you have the right to contact us to request the removal of the particular
content in question. Please go to this contact link to to request removal of the particular content.


Kick a Rhyme, and its logos are registered trademarks of Kick a Rhyme, LLC.
You may not use any of those trademarks for any product or service that is not Kick a Rhyme LLC
nor any product or service not directly associated and approved by Kick a Rhyme , LLC. All other
trademarks displayed on, that are not owned by Kick a Rhyme, LLC, are properties of their respective owners, who may or may not be affiliated in any way with or Kick a Rhyme, LLC.


Visitor Communication and Content
Visitors may post videos, audio, images and commentary to as long as the
contect is not infriging on intellectual property, illegal, obscene, defamatory or contain viruses
(and similar software and coding)., Kick a Rhyme, LLC reserve the right to
remove or edit such content. We are not obligated to remove or edit such content. We do not
regularly review such content but if you bring it to our attention we may remove or edit it. You

view the content on our site, including the comments, at your own risk. We do not claim that any
of the opinions expressed in any of the content are our own.
If you wish to submit video or audio content, please read our Content Submission Agreement.
By submitting content to our site in any way, you are in agreement with the Content Submission

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