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Privacy Policy
Last modified: March 13th, 2018


The Privacy of anyone that views our site is very important. The purpose of this privacy policy is
inform you on what information we collect in relation to your use of our products
( website and any related product within the website). By visiting, you agree to this Privacy Policy and to the Terms and Conditions.
Automatically Collected Information
When you interact with our site certain types of information may be received and stored. We
may collect your IP address, location related to that IP address, the time and date of the
interaction when commenting on our site, specifically.
Submitted Information We Collect
When you submit content to our site, such as videos, audio, and typed commentary, we receive
and may store information related to that content.
This information, specifically, includes your name and email address and other information you
may provide with your content (such as artist(s)' stage name, real name, phone numbers, social
media information and other types of information.
Our Usage of Collected Information
We use the information to improve the quality of the website, to respond to you and your
We reserve the right to submit any record of information you have given or that we have
automatically collected with law enforcement and/or private litigants in response to a valid legal
process. In order to comply with the law, we reserve the right to comply with the government to
enforce the law. We reserve the right to disclose any information to private parties, lawyers, law
enforcement, the government in order to protect the property and rights of our site, the people
that view our site, any other person, and the prevention or stopping any threat, illegal,
unethical, or inappropriate action (as we see fit). We reserve the right to refuse to disclose
private information such as unpublished information or confidential sources that we collect for
any reason related to newsgathering and reporting under federal and or state law.
Advertising Partners Collect information
We use third party advertising companies to support Advertising companies
used on our site may use your IP address, your browser, and information you may have typed.
We have no control nor say in any of their policies or practices. You may view their privacy
policies in order to gain an understanding into how this information is used.

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